Web Site Integrations

The overview of integrating websites with your MyMedLeads Account.  Including who to contact and what to ask for

WordPress and PHP Integrations

Some high level instructions on what to expect when integrating WordPress and PHP websites with MyMedLeads.

Email Mapping Integrations

Learn how to integrate websites that you do not directly control, such as profile and directory websites.

Dynamic Call Tracking

Learn how to best capture leads who do not use forms, but rather calls the phone number listed on your website.

EMR/EHR Integration Summary

Common features, components and setup for accounts that integrate with scheduling software

Nextech/NexCloud Integrations

Summary of the features and components specific to NexCloud and Nextech Integrated Accounts.

PatientNOW Integrations

A list of features, component and setup for accounts integrated with PatientNOW and PN Cloud software.

Scheduling Software Integrations

Other EMR/EHR software that we integrate with