Lead Management

How do I reassign a Lead to a co-worker?

Our Reassign Leads feature makes it easy to assign leads to different staff members in your office. On the Lead Management page, you will see a button called Reassign below the lead’s demographic data and procedures.

To forward the lead to another rep to be managed, simply click on this button from the lead management page and a popup screen will appear.

From the User drop down menu, select the staff member that you wish to reassign the lead to and add any additional comments in the Message box. You can also choose to be notified after a specified time period if the lead has not yet been contacted. When you are finished, simply click Proceed and the Lead History will be updated to reflect the reassignment. The user will be notified that there is a new lead waiting for them.


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We recently exported data out of a third party service. Is it possible to import this data directly into MyMedLeads?

Yes.  After you export the data from your third party software/service and it is in a password encrypted Excel File, you would need to email that file to your Account Executive to import.  Our importer does require that the data be formatted in a certain manner and is explained in the data importing option link listed below.  Optionally, you may open up a Support Ticket to have this work completed.

Please Note: that you may optionally use the lead source “Email List”, this lead source will be hidden from your staff by default and not be included in reporting (as that can skew your numbers).

Learn more about our data importing options here

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How do I enter a lead into my account manually?

To manually enter a lead from the admin homepage, click on the Enter Lead button on the top left. When the Enter Leads page opens up, you will see two options: Manage Lead Now or Enter Lead Only.

  • Enter Lead Only: Will let you enter patient information, but when you save, it will send out an email notification to your users, so that someone may follow up with the patient. For instance, if you are checking voice mail in the morning and want to simply enter leads so that others can manage them, choose this option.
  • Manage Lead Now: Will send you directly to the lead management page once you have entered patient information. This is ideal when you have the patient on the phone.

For marketing tracking purposes, it is important to ask each caller how they heard about your practice. The lead source field will have a list of all the lead sources you have created, for you to quickly choose from. Then, enter the name, email and phone number of the user. Finally, select the procedures that they are interested in and add comments from your conversation with the patient. When you are finished, click Save and Proceed, and you will be taken to the lead management page where you can send an email, set a reminder to call the patient later, or, if the patient is ready to schedule, you can schedule them for a consultation.

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How many PPC Leads have I had in the last X Months?

You can find this report by using the primary navigation of the MyMedLeads account, it is located under Reports -> Keyword and Referral Report.  Using the Date Filter at the top right corner of the page, you can control the scope of your search.

Our keyword reporting feature allows you to dig even deeper into lead data by associating keywords from organic and PPC searches to your incoming web inquiries.  This report also tracks the referral sites that initially sent leads to your website (i.e. Google, Bing, RealSelf, etc…) This intelligent data shows you which keywords are sending the highest converting patients and generating the most revenue for your practice. This valuable information can then be used to revamp and adjust your online marketing campaigns and SEO strategy accordingly.

Additionally, knowing what search term a prospective patient used to find your practice can provide your staff with valuable context about their needs. Having a better understanding of a lead’s interests before contacting them can often improve call outcomes.

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How can I set a reminder to reach back out to a lead?

To set a reminder to reach back out to a lead at a certain time, you would simply navigate to that lead within MyMedLeads.  On the lead details page you will see a “Set Reminder” button to the right of the demographic information and just above the Leadsource (see screen grab below).

These reminders will show on the Funnel Page, if you click on “Home” within the primary navigation.

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When communicating via Text/SMS can images be included within those conversations?

You and your staff cannot communicate images to leads, via our Text/SMS features.  The leads can respond with images, those images will be emailed to your email address that is on file with MyMedLeads.  Please make sure that you have preferences turned on to receive notifications of incoming texts.   This is specific to our Two Way Texting feature, as the appointment confirmations normally would not receive an image.

To turn this on, you will need to navigate to: Preferences -> Manage Staff/Location screen. On this page you will need to click on “Edit” next to your User Name.

On this screen there is an “Set Preferences” button on bottom right of the screen, click that. On this page you can set the preference for receiving email notifications of all incoming text. The checkbox to select is labeled: “Notify me of all incoming texts”.

You can learn more about our Two Way Texting Feature Here.

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How can MyMedLeads help me minimize “no shows”?

MyMedLeads does three things to ensure that patients show up to their appointment.

  • We send an immediate confirmation to your patients. This email we send comes with a link that makes it easy for them to add their appointment to the calendar of their choice: Outlook, ICal, Yahoo or Google
  • The day before the appointment, we send a map from their home to your practice with directions and estimated time to arrive.
  • The morning of the appointment, we send a text message reminder to their phone (as long as they agreed to it when you scheduled them.

Patients who do not show up for their scheduled appointments cost you both time and money. Numerous studies have actually shown that implementing SMS & email appointment reminders can reduce “no shows” by up to 80%. By simply adding this one cost-efficient solution, medical practices can recoup potential lost revenue and greatly increase the efficiency of care delivery.

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Setting Up Your Account

How do I get my website’s leads to show up in MyMedLeads?

You and your staff would need to open a Support Ticket or contact your Account Executive with this request.  At that point our Integration Team will reach out to you or directly to your webmaster to get the site(s) integrated.  Normally we would only need the domain of the website and who manages the site; the rest will be completed by our team.

You may read more on this process here at Website Integration Manual


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How do I add new user within our MyMedLeads account?

Adding new users to the account is very easy to do.  You would need to navigate to the Preferences -> Add/Edit Users screen.


We have a help document on User Management Here.

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Our practice is listed on an online directory. Can I get those leads into MyMedLeads?

Absolutely! When you sign up to an online directory website, or your practice receives sales leads from a site that your web team does not fully control, then you can add an email address to that form submission notification chain to inform MyMedLeads of the new sales leads. This email address will be assigned to your account and can be reused for multiple directory sites.

This solution is called our Email Mapping Solution.  You can read more about it:  Email Mapping Solution

You and your staff will need to work directly with your Account Executive to set this up and in the above article describes the entire process of setting this up.

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Our practice recently signed up with MyMedLeads. What are the first steps?

MyMedLeads makes it easy to get started. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your account. Our setup wizard breaks this process down for you step-by-step. To complete your account setup, you will need the following:

  • A list of users, along with their email and phone number
  • A list of marketing channels you want to track
  • A list of services or procedures you offer
  • Your webmaster’s contact information

You can find more related articles on how best to setup your account, by clicking here:  Account Setup

If you do not have all of this information on hand, you can always come back and add it later on. You will first be asked to provide a list of users and providers. A user is anyone who deals with leads or patients via phone or email, whereas a provider is anyone in your office who is scheduled for appointments with patients, such as a physician or aesthetician. If a user is also a provider, add them as a provider. You will also be asked to provide your Webmaster’s contact information on this page so that we can get the site integrated.

Next, you will be asked to enter the marketing channels you wish to track. Consider all forms of media that you advertise through, including websites you own, TV, radio, billboards, print, social media, directory sites, PPC, SEO, events and referrals. It can also be helpful to Google your practice to find any additional web advertising you may have forgotten about. Once you have finished setup, you will be able to add individual marketing expenses to track ROI by going to Preferences -> Edit ROI Expenses.

After entering lead sources, you will move on to adding the services and procedures that you offer. To save you time, we provide a pre-populated checklist of the most common procedures in each medical field for you to quickly choose from. You may also manually add procedures not listed. When done, click Save & Publish. We will have to contact your webmaster to get the site integrated, but you can start using some of the features right away, such as call tracking or entering leads manually. If you need additional help, please watch this short help video below.

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How can I be informed of incoming Text/SMS Messages when texting leads?

You are able to be notified via email when a Text Communication comes in while texting leads.  This is not specific to our two way texting feature, if a lead replies back from one of our automated texts (appointment confirmation/reminders or from a marketing campaign) you will be informed of that communication.

To turn this on, you will need to navigate to: Preferences -> Manage Staff/Location screen.  On this page you will need to click on “Edit” next to your User Name.  On this screen there is an “Set Preferences” button on bottom right of the screen, click that.  On this page you can set the preference for receiving email notifications of all incoming text.  The checkbox to select is labeled: “Notify me of all incoming texts”.

To learn more about Staff Preferences Click Here


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How do I configure a personal signature for the emails I send out via MyMedLeads?

To setup a personal signature on outgoing emails that are sent on your behalf from MyMedLeads, you would need to follow these easy steps.  First please navigate to Preferences -> Manage Staff/Location screen.

On this page you will need to click on “Edit” next to your User Name.  On this screen there is an “Set Preferences” button on bottom right of the screen, click that.

At the top right corner you are provided a simple WYSIWYG html editor.  You can style your basic signature there.  If you are wanting to incorporate images into your signature, it will be required for you to host this image else where (such as your primary website).  Within the WYSIWYG editor you can add an image reference to that hosted image and set the size accordingly.  Our team is here to provide assistance if required.


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We use a surgery center and do not always have the correct start time of our procedures. Can we still use appointment confirmations and reminders within MyMedLeads?

Yes.  The MyMedLeads Platform can ignore all appointments that are marked as Surgery when sending out appointment confirmations and reminders.   This can be controlled within your account by navigating to Preferences -> Account Settings (you must be logged in as a Doctor of the account to see this link).

Once on that screen, towards the middle you will see a checkbox labeled “Send Surgery Reminders”.   If you would like our system to not send out confirmations and reminders for Surgeries then make sure that you deselect this checkbox.


You can learn more about Appointment Confirmations and Reminders Here


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Help & Support

I am not able to manually text our leads, what is wrong?

If you attempt to send a Text Message and the Account is not properly configured to send out texts, you may need to refer to our Two Way Texting Help Manual (link is below).  It is required that you have, at minimum, one call tracking phone number and that it is properly associated with a Location.   You can see how to do this by using the link below.

Two Way Texting Help Manual

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Why is a lead marked as Scheduled, but has already completed an appointment?

This is a concern and is probably due to how your account is configured to read messages from your scheduling software.   If your scheduling software is sending in appointment statuses that are not being interpreted as Completed within MyMedLeads, the MML team may need to configure your account.  This is applicable, specifically when a Lead is marked Consult Completed when he/she should be in the Procedure Completed layer of the funnel.

If this occurs, please report this to your Account Executive by opening up a support ticket and providing the URL to that lead’s details page.

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Images Are Not Rendering Correctly For My Recipients Who Use Gmail

Gmail made some recent changes to its security settings for email.  You may find that when you send test or actual email messages from MyMedLeads to gmail addresses that the images may not appear.  MyMedLeads has found that the problem occurs if you are using images that you uploaded directly from your computer.  If the name of the image contains spaces, gmail will not render the correct URL to the image.
Please ensure that you do not use spaces within your Hosted Image Names and Directories, as this may/will cause issues with rendering of the image within a gmail account.

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