This document will guide you on sending and receiving text messages with a specific Lead, including configuration details, expectations for message sending/receiving, and how a Lead can optionally consent to a text conversation.

Intended Audience:
This document is intended for staff members who regularly manage and directly communicate with leads.

A Word on Compliance:
The two-way texting feature complies with TCPA regulations. However, you and your staff are responsible for using the provided tools legally and following applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Please ensure that you and your team adhere to all relevant compliance standards when utilizing this feature.


Setup and Configuration

To use our two-way texting system, you must first set up an account. This section outlines the steps for account setup in detail, including how to send and receive texts.

Your account must have at least one Call Tracking Number configured for two-way texting. This number cannot be used for appointment confirmations or reminders. If your system uses both two-way texting and text confirmations for appointments, you will need a minimum of two phone numbers.

Your account also requires at least one location. When sending texts, you will select the location rather than the phone number. The location is associated with a Call Tracking Number, which your team will set up in the following steps.

Steps to Setup

  • Create a Location if you do not already have one in your account.   Go to Preferences -> Manage Staff/Location, on this screen scroll down to the Locations section and click Add New.  By filling out the form and pressing Save, a location is created.
  • Create a Call Tracking Number, by navigating to Preferences -> Phone Number Management.  On that screen select an existing number or create a new Call Tracking Number.  On the form, at the top of the screen, you will see an option to “Enable Text/SMS”, when you turn this ON, you can select the Location (see step 1) to associate this number to.  Press Save.

When you are ready, you can navigate to a Lead, and on the Lead Details screen, you will find a “Send Text” button below the Lead’s phone numbers. Clicking this button opens the Text Conversations tab, where you can choose the location to send from, the Lead’s phone number to use (if multiple numbers are present), enter your message, and press “Send Text” to deliver it.

How consent messages are sent to leads depends on your account setup. If a canned consent message is sent instead of your original message, it is because your account is configured that way. The section(s) below explain this functionality in more detail.

If you set up phone numbers and then re-import locations from your EMR software, the re-import may negatively impact two-way texting. This is because the locations you originally set up may no longer exist after re-importing. You will need to reconfigure your phone number to the new location.


Sending Text/SMS Messages and What to Expect

The MyMedLeads Platform includes an automated Consent Messaging System to ensure all leads have agreed to receive text and SMS communications.

When Sending the First Text to a Lead

MyMedLeads Platform will check if a Lead has consented to receive texts when you first send them a text message. Consent is checked for each phone number (Phone1 and Phone2) individually. For example, consent on the home phone does not apply to the mobile phone. If consent is needed, another consent request will be sent to that number.

If the Lead has consented, the message will be delivered immediately, and the Text Conversation tab will update. You don’t need to refresh to see new messages. If consent is still needed, the message will be deferred until the Lead replies “Consent.” Once consent is given, deferred messages will be delivered.

If the Lead declines consent, your staff cannot send texts to that number via the Text Conversation tab. Declined consent does not affect automated appointment reminder texts, which use the Do Not Text checkbox. If a Lead texts “Stop” or “Unsubscribe,” the platform will mark them Do Not Text, stop outgoing texts, and mark the number as declined consent. Your staff then cannot text the Lead.


Scope of Consent

Once a lead consents to receiving text messages on a specific phone number (Phone1 or Phone2), they can then receive text messages from any of your text-enabled call tracking numbers to that consented number. The lead does not need to consent separately for each location (LocationA, LocationB, LocationC). Instead, their consent to receive texts from your team to a specific number allows you to use any of our phone numbers to communicate with that lead on the consented number.


How to Stay Informed of New Incoming Text Messages

You can set up email notifications for when a lead responds to any text conversation by going to Preferences, clicking Manage Staff/Locations, editing your user account, and then clicking Set Preferences. This allows you to configure emails to be sent to you when a lead responds to a text conversation.


Sending and Receiving Media

The MyMedLeads Platform does not permit sending images or any other media to Leads via text/SMS messaging, nor does it allow receiving images, videos, or other media from Leads through this method. However, images and media can be sent to Leads using the Send Email feature.


If a Lead Calls the Number

The Call Tracking Number you set up will still receive phone calls and forward them to your office. The number can also continue creating leads if advertised and recording incoming calls if configured to do so. You can set the Call Tracking Number to forward calls to your office line or any other number from the Phone Number Management screen in the Preferences page.


Text Messages

Consent Message Sent:
[LocationName] complies with HIPAA and wants to exchange text messages with you. Text messaging may not be fully secure. To consent, reply CONSENT or DECLINE.”

Response to Messages Received and Not Processed, While Waiting Consent:
Your previous text message may not have been processed. Please reply back ‘Consent’ or ‘Decline’.

Response to Messages When System Cannot Process (such as Lead uses a friend’s phone that our system does not recognize):
Your previous text message may not have been processed.  Please call the number directly to speak to a staff member.”